We’re LED Sign City, A Professional, Full-service
LED sign company

LED Sign City is a professional, full-service LED sign company. For nearly a decade, we have been helping businesses, schools, churches and others get their messages across using our state-of-the-art, programmable, custom LED signs for digital advertising. The quality of our products and the skill of our staff will leave you speechless.

That’s OK—you can let your sign do the talking! Whether you want to show off your products, prices, or promotions, our attractive, custom LED signs and digital price signs work for businesses of all sizes. We offer a wide variety of electronic message boards. Our commercial electronic displays are perfect for every industry and ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Our Reach

LED Sign City is based in Delaware, USA, and we have a network of resellers and customers across the globe. Just look for the signs—they are everywhere.As you are reading this, millions of others are reading our signs, billboards, and marquees all over America, Canada, Puerto Rico, and even Europe.
We are proud to say our products go the distance.Our durable outdoor signs can withstand diverse weather conditions from hot, salty air to ice and snow. They are built to last. And although that means our customers may not need to purchase another sign for a while, our relationship does not end at the point of sale.

Our Commitment to Customer Care

At LED Sign City, our goal is to see our customers’ faces light up when they turn on their signs for the first time. We endeavor to exceed customer expectations with signs that are better, brighter, and clearer than anticipated. To help maintain that happy glow, we provide ongoing customer support for the life of the sign. If we cannot get to a customer’s location, we offer remote assistance, where we log in to the sign to assist with programming and troubleshooting.
We even help other companies’ customers!If you bought your sign somewhere else, we won’t hold it against you—but we will still help you. Businesses who have purchased signs from companies but could not get parts or assistance from the original company can send us a sample of the original module that was installed on their sign,and we can connect our control card or video card to the module, create a program file to make the module compatible with a control that we sell, and use the program file to make the sign come back to life—all at a fraction of the cost of a brand new sign.