Authorized Dealer Programs

LED Sign City's commitment to sign industry professionals is unrivaled in the industry. We are always ready to help with personalized support and other resources that provide our Authorized Dealers with everything they need to succeed.

For over a decade, we have been manufacturing state-of-the-art, programmable, custom, LED signs that help retailers, schools, houses of worship, and other businesses get their messages across. Our commercial electronic displays are perfect for every industry and ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Through it all, Sign Companies and Contract Installers have relied on the quality of our products and the skill of our staff to be a solid foundation they can trust to build their businesses upon. We hope you will take the next step in becoming an Authorized XIGNZ Dealer and most of all...we’re looking forward to your success!

The Benefits of Becoming an Authorized XIGNZ Dealer

Your Success is Our Success! Authorized XIGNZ Dealers receive the best service and support available in the industry. Our personalized support philosophy provides our dealers with a number of helpful resources. Qualified sign professional are available to consult live and remedy any technical issues that may arise and an extensive library of product documentation addresses all aspects of our innovative sign technology.

Authorized XIGNZ Dealer Benefits

Direct access to sign-industry experts

Authorized XIGNZ Dealers receive priority access to support staff personnel. Whenever there’s a pre-sales question, order status inquiry, installation issue, or a need to chat about something else, our dealers jump right to the front of the queue.

Personalized support for you and your customers

A comprehensive selection of support solutions for sign industry professionals is available to provide any type of support required in any format you prefer. Access product information on-line 24/7 or interact directly with a member of our trained and knowledgeable support staff by phone, email, or a remote shared computer screen

Whenever complex technical issues arise, we will consult with you, and directly with your customers when needed, to resolve any problems.


Comprehensive sales and technical training

Product Documentation, Software, Display Diagrams, Set-up Guides, LED Parameter Settings, Presentation Templates, and other materials provide you with outstanding knowledge and confidence when conducting business with your clients.

24x7 on-demand support tools

We are available to help with live support during normal business hours and on-line solutions that can be readily ac-cessed around the clock, 365 days a year.

Extensive library of digital sign diagrams

Digital sign diagrams for sign configurations are available for download and use in sales presentation and project bids.

Exclusive territory agreements available

Protected sales territories and other loyalty incentives are available to our premier Authorized XIGNZ Dealers. Contact us for more details.


LED Sign City has partnered with Acentium Capital to offer financing options that provide
you with a competitive advantage in any selling situation.

Fast. Flexible. Financing

$99 A Month for the First 3 Months

Other Finance & Leasing Programs

Zero Dollars Down Financ-ing Program




Authorized XIGNZ Dealers enjoy exclusive pricing that’s 20-40% better than other sign manufacturers.
This enables much greater profit margins when compared to other sign products. Or, you can pass the lower costs
along to your clients to help you win bids over your competitors.

A Simple Pricing Structure with Enormous Upside

To determine a price for any of our many sign configurations. You simply choose the sign type and
multiply the module price by the number of XIGNZ modules required for your size sign


Once you’ve determined the type of sign that’s best suited for your particular project, find the XIGNZ Module Price on your Dealer Pricing tables.

(Confidential Dealer Pricing is provided directly to Authorized XIGNZ Dealers). For more information on becoming a Dealer, complete the simple form.

Calculate the number of modules required for your sign. Each XIGNZ Module measures 12.6” x 12.6” For example, a 3’ wide x 4’ high sign will require 12 interconnected XIGNZ modules with a total outside measurements of 37.5” wide x 50.0” high

Each XIGNZ Module measures 12.6” x 12.6”

For example, a 3’ wide x 4’ high sign will require 12 interconnected XIGNZ modules with a total outside measurements of 37.5” wide x 50.0” high

4 MODULES HIGH 12.6” x 4 = 50.0”

3 MODULES WIDE 12.6” x 3 = 37.5”

Multiple the number of required modules by the module price.Then add $440 for the sign controller to determine the total cost.

$235.00($ / MODULE)
($ / CONTROLLER)= $3,260.00

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