• XIGNZ LED Platform

    XIGNZ LED Platform

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    We offer one solution that addresses all your concerns. Introducing XIGNZ.  XIGNZ is a modular platform that provides solutions for the majors problems you would never expect after buying your LED sign. XIGNZ is the core component of a growing market of scalable, upgradeable LED signs that will last a lifetime. And the longer you own it, the more you will save. We offer an...
  • Three (3) questions to ask your LED sign provider.

    Three (3) questions to ask your LED sign provider.

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    The Top 3 Questions you want to ask  1. What happens when your LED sign needs repair?  The most common answer is your sign includes a warranty. Or that the company will take care of the problem. But what happens after the warranty period expires? Well, the most common response is our hourly rate is $XXX.XX. Then later followed up with, "Our manufacturer no longer...
  • 8.1 features that will improve the effectiveness of your LED Sign

    8.1 features that will improve the effectiveness of your LED Sign

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    Here are 8.1 features that will improve the effectiveness of your LED Sign 1. Bright Signs that are always visible Outdoor LED signs are bright enough for advertising in broad daylight. Customers can read your advertisements all day, every day.  2. Wide Viewing Angles for even greater visibility Make it as easy as possible for customers to read your signs. The wide viewing angles help your customer...
  • Four things to consider when shopping for led signs

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    LED signs, otherwise known as changing message signs or dynamic billboards, are digital billboards. They work electronically and give users the freedom to display their advertisements with various types of digital content, like text, videos, and graphics. 1.1: Custom LED Signs! It’s really easy to do & super fun. The key advantages of LED signs include the ability to: Display multiple messages, advertisements, and...
  • Outdoor LED Signs: Reasons To Invest

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    Outdoor led signs are not just in trend, they are medium to promote your business. If you are an owner of even a small stall, that is your business and it is very important for you to grab the attention of your potential customers. As we live in a modern age, days of handwritten signs are long gone. People still use them but they...
  • LED Sign Helps Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

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    A small loan company in an Oklahoma business complex wanted an LED sign to grab customers as they drove by. So Kevin Sikes of Oklahoma Credit went on eBay in search of the right sign at the right price. He found it—a 10 ft. x 5 ft. outdoor LED sign by LED Sign City. The LSCP10 Kevin found was the best of both worlds—it was big and bright...
  • Illuminate Your World: LumiNature and Wild Winter Lights

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    LumiNature and Wild Winter Lights were two events based on interactive holiday lights display that transform the Zoos in an icy wonderland. The visitors are taken on a magical journey of intricate illuminations, digital displays, and music. Those that attended either one of the events often say that it was “an experience almost too beautiful for words”. The events have taken place starting November...
  • LED Sign City Adds New Dimensions to Zoo Displays

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    Two big city zoos wowed holiday crowds in 2019 with illuminating displays, featuring custom-made, three-dimensional signs by LED Sign City.. The Cleveland and Philadelphia zoos presented holiday lights festivals, each using more than one million lights spread over 12 experience zones. LED Sign City was brought in on both projects through a contractor for the zoos to produce a Christmas tree-shaped LED sign for Cleveland and a globe-shaped...
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