8.1 features that will improve the effectiveness of your LED Sign

8.1 features that will improve the effectiveness of your LED Sign

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Here are 8.1 features that will improve the effectiveness of your LED Sign

1. Bright Signs that are always visible

Outdoor LED signs are bright enough for advertising in broad daylight. Customers can read your advertisements all day, every day. 

2. Wide Viewing Angles for even greater visibility

Make it as easy as possible for customers to read your signs. The wide viewing angles help your customer see your screen from nearly any position. 

3. Wireless Controller makes it quick and convenient to change ads.

Save time for more critical tasks and change your ads in a few clicks right from your office or on the go. 

4. Content Management Software that is simple and fun to use

Import your pictures and videos and add text to make attractive ads that convince your customers to act. 

5. Weatherproof Cabinet that's both thoughtful and super sleek.

Protect your investment from the elements. Your LED sign run year-round so you can maximize your marketing efforts in every season. 

6. Extended Warranty that demonstrates confidence

Our 60-month Warranty helps you focus on running your business, knowing that we will provide replacements for any practical components. 

7. Knowledgeable Support Team to get issues resolved quickly

Our support team knows every aspect of our LED signs and can help you resolve issues quickly and efficiently. 

8. And most important: High-Resolution Signs that ensure your ads look how you expect. 

Higher-resolution LED signs allow you to include more details on each slide. Doing so will enable you to show more information between transitions. You can create each advertisement as a single page to ensure customers see your entire message. It's also nicer to look at a sign that's easy on the eyes.  

8.1. Fast Delivery so you get the benefits now

Our signs are built here in the United States. Most projects ship within 7-14 days, and we are constantly improving our process so you can start promoting your products faster. 

Shop our collection of high-resolution LED signs for indoor and outdoor applications. 

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