Illuminate Your World: LumiNature and Wild Winter Lights

Illuminate Your World: LumiNature and Wild Winter Lights

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LumiNature and Wild Winter Lights were two events based on interactive holiday lights display that transform the Zoos in an icy wonderland. The visitors are taken on a magical journey of intricate illuminations, digital displays, and music. Those that attended either one of the events often say that it was “an experience almost too beautiful for words”.

The events have taken place starting November 22nd and have had their lan run through January 5th. The events were featured on Fox and ABC and had their own trending tags: #Luminature and “Wildwinterlights.

The best part is that the displays were great for both kids and adults. Thus becoming the perfect destination in the area for a date night or a family visit during the holidays.



The possibilities are endless when it comes to what you can create with the help of lights and LED screens. An event such as LumiNature and Wild Winter Lights can be recreated in any season to any theme, which is why it was such a hit!

All you need is a little bit of imagination to get started.

Massive teddy bears? Check. Christmas Trees? Check. Penguins? Check.

How Does It Work?

The digital LED screens are using technology that allows the screens to run flawlessly with the lep of a weatherproof cabinet throughout the winter season through wind, rain, ice, and snow. They are part of a collection called “Spotlight Series”.

More specifically, each screen is made to run at 929 pixels per square foot and each screen can achieve more than 8500 nits of brightness (a higher rating means a brighter display).


LumiNature at Philadelphia Zoo

Luminature featured more than 600 000 holiday lights and a total of 12 “experiences” featuring a big globe that was composed of a whopping total of 60 synchronized screens with three image combinations. The Philadelphia Zoo used the globe as to provide an experience possible to enjoy during any season.

Below are photos from LumiNature, including the featured globe. (Insert photos)


Wild Winter Lights at Cleveland Metro Park Zoo

This all-new evening event featured more than one million lights and was able to pull off an array of unique twists on holiday traditions.  Cleveland Metroparks Zoo transformed into a winter wonderland the past holiday season during their Wild Winter Lights event with the help of a composition of LED screens.

A Christmas tree, that turned out to be one of their main attractions. The tree was made out of over 30 screens assembled in total. The screens were assembled in a mostly random position and then adjusted to provide one big cohesive image.

Below are photos from Wild Winter Lights, including one of the main attractions. (Insert photos)


The guests attending (the two events included) got to experience the vibrant colors of the LED screens being able to sip on some hot chocolate throughout their visit. In fact, there was a wide array of choices, including adult beverages.

How Long Is a Visit?

Depending on how often a guest would stop for a hot chocolate, pick up pretzels or curly fries, the trip through could take a guest around 30 minutes. A thorough visit would take an hour and a half to completely explore all of the multi-media set up.

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