Four things to consider when shopping for led signs

Four things to consider when shopping for led signs

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LED signs, otherwise known as changing message signs or dynamic billboards, are digital billboards. They work electronically and give users the freedom to display their advertisements with various types of digital content, like text, videos, and graphics.

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The key advantages of LED signs include the ability to:

  • Display multiple messages, advertisements, and other information.
  • Conveniently change the content at any time by replacing the current program or schedule for future ads.


Greater pixel density, just like a higher resolution, results in a much better-looking advertising outdoor LED sign.

LED signs work through light-emitting diodes. These diodes cluster together and form pixels, which connect in a sequence of rows and columns. These rows and columns of pixels create the sign’s resolution, which is also known as the matrix, or pixel matrix. You can increase the resolution by adding more rows and columns of LEDs.

Another term that you may frequently hear in the LED display market is pixel density. It is the number of pixels within a specific area of the LED sign, for example, pixels per square foot or pixels per square meter. To determine the density, divide the total area by the space between the LED bulbs. For instance, a P10 Series full-color display has 10mm of space between each pixel, and each module is 12.6” (320 mm wide) by 12.6” (320 mm tall). The density of this module is 320mm/10mm x 320mm/10mm = 1024 pixels per LED module, which is equivalent to approximately 929 pixels per square foot. Greater pixel density, just like a higher resolution, results in a much better-looking LED sign.


When looking for a LED sign, you should consider the following factors:

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  • The overall dimensions of the display area.
  • The type of content that you will display, such as text, video, or graphics.
  • Where you plan on installing the LED sign.
  • The viewing distance of your target audience.
1.2: Changing message signs are fully programmable …

Understanding these four factors is crucial and can be done by understanding LED modules. The modules are a result of the connected pixels on a small printed circuit board (PCB). Several of these modules together form the final dimensions of the sign. Therefore, the dimensions of the sign determine the number of modules needed.

Different combinations of pixel density, size, and resolution create various categories of the LED modules. These include P2.5, P4, P5, P6, P8, P10, P16, P20, and so on.

The category determines the space between pixels, which determines the resolution. More space means a lower resolution for higher number categories while lower number categories have more density, rows, and columns and, therefore, a much higher resolution. Large pixels are best for LED signs that will be seen from further away while smaller pixels are best for close viewing.

To determine the best solution for advertising your business on an LED sign, consider the four crucial elements above. Outdoor LED signs typically need to be P8, P10, or P16 for the best results. The outdoor LED signs must be brighter because they target viewers from farther away. Indoor LED signs typically need to be P2.5, P4, or P5 for the best results. It would be best if you had a higher pixel density because customers view indoor signs from much closer distances compared to outdoor LED signs.



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