LED Sign Helps Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

LED Sign Helps Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

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A small loan company in an Oklahoma business complex wanted an LED sign to grab customers as they drove by. So Kevin Sikes of Oklahoma Credit went on eBay in search of the right sign at the right price. He found it—a 10 ft. x 5 ft. outdoor LED sign by LED Sign City. The LSCP10 Kevin found was the best of both worlds—it was big and bright enough without breaking the bank. The hearty, outdoor sign could display pictures and text clearly enough to capture customers from the road.

Kevin was pleased with his purchase. It arrived quickly, was easy to install, and worked without problems. What Kevin didn’t realize was that he would have to put up a fight to put up his sign. Fortunately, the advantages of a sign by LED Sign City made it an easy victory.

1.1: Custom LED Signs! It’s really easy to do & super fun.

The City Council

After getting his sign, Kevin appealed to the Tulsa City Council for a permit to display it at his business. He knew it would be an uphill battle when he heard two other sign requests had already been rejected—one from a pharmacy and the other from a church (not a good sign)! The City Council had a list of concerns, including too many signs in the already crowded plaza.

He knew it would be an uphill battle when he heard two other sign requests had already been rejected

A Bright Idea

But Kevin had a bright idea: “I told them that if all the businesses advertised on one sign, it would remove 15 signs from the roadway,” says Kevin. “And I told them it’s my right to advertise my business, as long as it doesn’t interfere with anyone else’s.” Ultimately, the Tulsa City Council agreed, and they granted Oklahoma Credit the right to display the sign. Others in the plaza were offered opportunities to rent the LED sign to advertise their businesses.

  • Replace multiple signs with one LED Sign
  • Promote surrounding businesses
  • Add a revenue stream
1.2: Changing message signs are fully programmable …

The First time he saw the sign light up

Kevin installed the sign himself and saved a lot of money (Note: LED Sign City recommends having an electrician install our LED signs). He says he is very happy with his sign and still remembers the first time he saw it light up. “It was exciting when I first saw my sign working,” says Kevin. To help him get started, Customer Support connected remotely to the sign and created a couple of messages for Oklahoma Credit, which are still being used today. “The experience was great. The help and support from custom LED signs City are excellent.

1.3: Changing message signs are fully programmable …

In the end, it was a win-win situation for everyone. And Kevin is thinking about getting another LED sign from LED Sign City for his company’s second location in Sapulpa, Oklahoma. Now that’s a good sign!


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