More Reasons to Choose LED Sign City as Your Digital Signage Provider

More Reasons to Choose LED Sign City as Your Digital Signage Provider

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Our signs are designed with you in mind. LED Sign City’s original digital displays show you, our customer, in the best light with a higher resolution and better-looking ads than other signs. And the best part is that our signs are customized to suit YOU.

LED signs are not one-size-fits-all. When you choose LED Sign City, we will consult you about the different ways you will use your sign and where it will be installed. We pay attention to the details about your products and customers, so we can help you choose the digital display solution that delivers the results and return on investment you are seeking. When you turn on your sign for the first time, get ready for that overwhelming reaction that we work so hard to bring you— “Wow!”

1.1: Custom LED Signs! It’s really easy to do & super fun.

Price is Not an Issue

At LED Sign City, we believe it is better for you to have the display that matches your vision than to limit your options based on cost. That is why we strive to ensure that the sign aligns with your expectations. We do this by helping you understand how your signage needs translation into “LED sign language,” so you can scale the project up or down to match your budget without sacrificing quality or effectiveness. You will be able to confidently choose the right combination of resolution, brightness, and budget.

When your sign lights up, so should your face. We continue to invest in providing the best options when it comes to illumination and resolution, pushing the limits of brightness to ensure that every sign shines bright day or night. But we won’t push you to buy the most expensive sign because it is not always the best solution for you. Our aim is not to sell you more digital signs than you need. Instead, we want to provide a solution that will allow you to reach new customers and engage existing customers by keeping them up to date with your current products, services, and promotions.


Our High-Quality Signs Are Simple to Set Up and Install

Every sign we build uses a combination of UL-listed components that are tested and proven to meet or exceed the requirements of their individual applications. Customers can choose between our durable and lightweight aluminum cabinets and our ultra-lightweight and super-thin weatherproof magnesium alloy cabinets. Both are great choices, and either one will provide you with a fully assembled LED sign that is easy to configure and install.

Although we recommend professional installation, do-it-yourselfers have enjoyed significant savings by handling the installation themselves. Each sign provides additional mounting points to support various types of installation. Simply mount the sign, connect the data cables, power it on, and enjoy the previews. We also encourage you to send us your logo, images, and videos to preload onto your sign during production so that the first advertisement you see is yours.


1.2: Changing message signs are fully programmable …

LED Sign City Stands by You

After the sign has been installed, you can schedule a remote session, where we will log into your computer and show you how to create ads by combining your images and videos with your messages. You can also import presentations or graphics created using other picture and video editing software. Once you are satisfied with the initial sample, you can upload the file to your sign. From then on, we will provide the support you need to keep your digital sign running as well as it will the first time you turn it on and go, “Wow!”

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