Three (3) questions to ask your LED sign provider.

Three (3) questions to ask your LED sign provider.

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The Top 3 Questions you want to ask

 1. What happens when your LED sign needs repair?

 The most common answer is your sign includes a warranty. Or that the company will take care of the problem. But what happens after the warranty period expires? Well, the most common response is our hourly rate is $XXX.XX. Then later followed up with, "Our manufacturer no longer carries that part your will need to replace your sign." Imagine buying and installing a new sign simply because a single part is no longer available. 

That is not acceptable. We can offer a range of interchangeable components to keep your sign operational for much longer because we do our own manufacturing. Yes!

2.  Can you upgrade the LED sign?

So if you have been shopping around, you have heard it before. Your LED sign has a life expectancy of 100000 hours. You can expect a minor decrease in brightness over time, but it should last 5-10 years, realistically. Most companies don't consider technological advancements when providing you with facts. Imagine all those signs that looked great initially. Sure they still work, but do they? Your only option is to spend another $xxxxxxx.xx plus installation costs to replace your sign. You think you're better off leaving it alone. But by doing so, it will only end up costing you more because the new brighter sign next door is getting all the love. 

Say no to conventional. And say Yes to our selection of signs that you can upgrade and save thousands in future replacement costs.

3.  Can I add on to my sign in the future?

The purpose of an LED sign is to help you grow your business. So let's assume it's successful, and your signage needs change for any of the million reasons associated with growth. Can you increase the size of the LED sign or change the dimensions? Once you outgrow your space, your old LED sign that you paid $xxxxxx.xx is typically left behind or sold for scraps. Imagine leaving a fantastic sign behind simply because it does not fit your new space. Well, the bright side is that the landlord will be more than happy to take care of it for you. 

 Really! Our LED Signs have the flexibility to grow with your business. So, Yes, take it with you. 

 Ready to order? Check out our collection of outdoor LED signs. 

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