• More Reasons to Choose LED Sign City as Your Digital Signage Provider

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    Our signs are designed with you in mind. LED Sign City’s original digital displays show you, our customer, in the best light with a higher resolution and better-looking ads than other signs. And the best part is that our signs are customized to suit YOU. LED signs are not one-size-fits-all. When you choose LED Sign City, we will consult you about the different ways...

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    It is well-known that effective advertising comes from sending the right message about your product or business services. How you portray that message, however, is vital. Corporations spend heavily on marketing and make use of several advertising mediums. Smaller companies that rely on members of their communities can still speak to the heart of their target audience by communicating with them through LED signs...
  • Text Visibility and Signage 101

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    When crafting the advertising that will run on your electronic message board, many seem to gloss over the importance of text visibility and readability. Letter sizing matters! If your audience is unable to read your message, they will lose interest or worse yet, not even engage with the content presented to them. 1.1: Custom LED Signs! It’s really easy to do & super fun....
  • The benefits of outdoor LED Signage

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    Full-color LED sign technology enables high-resolution digital advertising with dazzling graphics, eye-catching animation, and captivating videos that get noticed. It engages the audience. It drives foot traffic through the front door.
  • Introducing XIGNZ

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    XIGNZ is a lightweight aluminum alloy LED sign cabinet. XIGNZ is more than just a durable box that houses all the LED sign components. It’s an intelligent center of a unique proprietary design that enables unlimited system scalability with many options for future upgrades. Multiple cabinet sections connect together to make any size sign for any application.
  • Common Questions about LED Signs

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    This section will help you determine which resolution is suitable for your application by explaining the differences. Resolution is a pretty hot topic for LED signs because it’s the first thing you notice. You know you are talking about resolution when you think, wow, that’s a good-looking or not-so-good-looking sign. The factors you need to consider when it comes to your sign’s resolution are...
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