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The Benefits of Outdoor LED Signs

It is well-known that effective advertising comes from sending the right message about your product or business services but how you portray that message is vital. Big businesses spend big money and make use of many advertising mediums, but companies that mostly rely on local communities really can speak to the heart of their target audience by sending the right message through LED digital billboards.

Why this is most effective for your business is because your target audience will not only see the billboard but be drawn to it because it is human nature for us to be attracted to moving and dynamic pictures. Have you ever noticed how even a silent television playing in the background would draw our attention regardless of the social setting?

Digital and dynamic billboards are smart and affordable investments that have many benefits for brick and mortar businesses. Some of the more notable benefits are:

Guaranteed visibility to Target Audience

Small businesses, schools, and churches get the most out of LED signs because their target audience is typically people within a specific radius, that is the local community. With it being such an attractive medium of advertising, it almost guaranteed that every passerby would see the digital billboard and take note of your message. If its something that interests them they are instantly able to act on it because this message is right on your doorstep. Many pass by on a daily or frequent basis which ultimately ingrains the information.


Static billboards give you one image that stays put until changed. LED signs, or digital billboards, on the other hand, offer versatility in the fact that it can display a range of text and image combinations. They can even be set to covey a particular message at any specific time or duration.

Timely Delivery

With the versatility of LED changing message signs, you can keep them current without extra expenditure. At any point, you can add an upcoming sale, promotion or event promptly where the target audience will see it. It’s also great to convey a particular message, perhaps wishes on a special holiday.

Community Landmark

You can make your LED sign a community landmark where it can display a variety of information for the local public such as the date, time and temperature or even a public service announcement. This information will attract attention and give your business more awareness.

Around the Clock Presence

LED changing message signs are brightly lit up through the night and can be seen through direct sunlight. They are durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions. They are, therefore, conveying your business message at all times.

Even though businesses have open and closing hours, modern day technology has created a 24-hour consumer experience so also if a potential customer sees your brand or service in the middle of the night, they can immediately send an email or visit your website for more information.


Introduction to Dynamic Billboards AKA LED Signs

LED signs are digital billboards and otherwise known as changing message signs or dynamic billboards. They work electronically and give users the freedom to display their advertisements with various digital content like text, videos and graphics.

The key advantages of LED signs are:

  1. The fact that they can display multiple messages, advertisements and other information.
  2. The fact that they conveniently allow the information displayed to be changed at any time.

LED signs work through light emitting diodes. These diodes cluster together and form pixels which are connected in a sequence of both rows and columns. These rows and columns of pixels create the sign’s resolution which is also known as matrix, or pixel matrix. When there are more rows and columns there is a higher resolution.

Pixel density is another important factor. It is the number of pixels within a specific area of the LED sign. This is also determined by how many rows and columns are present and how close they are together. Pixel density, just like a higher resolution, results in a much better-looking LED sign.

When looking for a good resolution for a LED sign, the factors to consider are:

  1. The dimensions of the display area.
  2. The type of content that is to be displayed such text, video or graphics.
  3. Where the LED sign will be installed.
  4. What the viewing distance will be for the target audience.

Understanding these four factors is key and can be done by understanding LED modules, otherwise known as tiles. The modules are a result of the connected pixels on a small PCB which is the small circuit board. Several of these modules together form the ultimate dimensions of the sign. Therefore, the dimensions of the sign determine the number of modules needed.

Different combinations of pixel density, size and the number of rows or columns create various categories of the LED modules. These include: P2.5, P4, P5, P6, P8, P10, P16, P20 and such.

The category determines the space between pixels which then determines the quality of the resolution. More space means lower resolution for higher number categories while lower number categories have more density, rows and columns therefore a much higher resolution. Large pixels are best for LED signs that will be seen from further away while smaller pixels are best for close up viewing.

To determine the best solution for advertising your business on a LED sign, consider what will be advertised and in what way. Then decide on the largest possible size of sign that can be installed, where it will be installed and how far the viewing distance will be.

Outdoor LED signs typically need to be P8, P10 or P16 for the best results. The outdoor LED signs should be brighter because they target viewers from a further distance.

Indoor LED signs typically need to be P2.5, P4 or P5 for the best results because viewers see them from a much closer distance and it makes them far more easier to see.