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DBS Auto Adjusting Brightness Sensor - (85487000839)
DBS Auto Adjusting Brightness Sensor increases or reduces the brightness of your LED sign to match the environment light conditions. Adjusting the...
TP-Link 2.4GHz CPE 210 Long Range Outdoor CPE
The TPLINK CEP 210 is  a Wireless CPE antenna that can be configured as an access point, client, bridge or repeater.  Features...
from $199.00
LP-20 Antenna Cable
The LP-20 Antenna cable combines an outdoor weatherproof connector and an ether connector. The LP-20 Antenna Cable allows you to connect your...
UL Rated Ethernet Cat5 cables - 854870008143
The UL Rated Ethernet Cat5 cables connect your computer or router to the CPE / POE antenna to create the wireless network...
TP-Link TL-PoE2412G PoE Injector
Power adapter for the CPE-210 24V passive PoE supported Auto-determine the necessary power requirements Convenient wall-mounting design Gigabit speed support Plug-and-play, requires...
The Meanwell RS-15 series is a lightweight 15-watt power supply that utilizes free air convection cooling. The RS 15 delivers quiet and...
LP-20 14 AWG Power Cable with Fork Connector (85487000849)
The LP-20 14 AWG Power Cable Power cable is the input power cable for your LED Sign. You can either add a...
Power multiple LED modules with the HSP-300-5. The HSP-300-5 is Meanwell's 300-watt power supply that converts 110/220 volts to 5 volts for...
LSC HRV Video Receiving Card
Controls the video output of the sign. Connect up to eight individual modules or eight rows of LED modules.
from $99.00
Huidu HD-C16 Small LED Screen Control Card
The HD-C16 Full Color Asynchronous Controller System supports mobile, cloud, and offline control. HD-C16 can playback videos, images, and text. Features Support...
DB Star ASYNCH 11C LED Screen Control Card
The ASYNCH11C is an Asynchronous LED control card that offers premium function at an affordable price point. The ASYNCH11C is reliable and...
GR8IMG Series LED Module Replacements
The Gr8img Series uses the XIGNZ Modular LED platform, introducing an interchangeable range of LED modules. GR8IMG Series currently offers four different...
from $120.00
S1 LED Module Replacement LED Modules for LED signs built prior to 2020
The S1 collections include P10 MM and P8 MM modules manufactured before 2018. The S1 LED modules are available in front and...
from $45.00
About this item Power multiple LED modules with the RSP-320-5. The RSP-320-5 is Meanwell's 320-watt power supply that converts 110/220 volts to...
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