XIGNZ Ultra P1.75 Series

The XIGNZ LSCP Ultra P1.75 Series is the top tier product in our indoor LED product line. 160K Pixels per square meter create a display that will leave audiences in awe. The jaw-dropping quality and crystal clear image make the Ultra a gamechanger when it comes to visual LED displays. Similar to the other models, the Ultra is compatible with Windows XP-10 and can connect over LAN, Wi or HDMI. When the clearest, brightest, and most visually stimulating display on the market is required, the Ultra is the perfect solution!

XIGNZ Elite P2.5 Series

The XIGNZ Elite P2.5 Series (LSCP 3) is the next tier of LED displays. This system houses an incredible 111K pixels per square meter, displaying details that will leave audiences amazed. The Elite series can be used for LED video walls, large scale display boards, or other interactive visual displays. This full-color LED display can be fully programmable and works great with video.

XIGNZ Premier P5 Series

The XIGNZ Premier P5 Series is a fully programmable LED Indoor Sign Display. The 40,000 Pixel per square meter resolution is clear, offers smooth video playback, & connects over LAN, Wi- and HDMI. This board is compatible with Windows XP-10, so anything can be displayed with brilliant clarity. This high-quality visual display will provides an attractive new look for businesseswithout breaking the bank!

Compare XIGNZ Indoor LED Sign Models

Quality indoor LED display solutions, from a single screen to a video wall,
LED Sign City has you covered.

Ultra Series


Elite Series


Premier Series


Target Viewing Distance

Ultra-bright LED display remains visible in any lighting condition and remains legible from near and far.
The target viewing range is between 8-300 yards, but the screen will remain visible for even further distances.


Ultra Series >6 ft.


Elite Series >8-ft.


Premier Series >13-ft.

LED Sign Brightness

Featuring some of the Brightest Bulbs in the Digital Signage Industry. The High Brightness Ensures that your
sign Stands out from the Crowd and gets the Attention of Passers-by.

Ultra Series Up to 4000 Nits

Elite Series Up to 4000 Nits

Premier Series Up to 5000 Nits

LED Sign Resolution

RGB full-color LED displays are ideal for showing pictures, animation, and text that
are engaging, beautiful and easy to read.


Ultra Series 16384 Pixels / Module


Elite Series 7225 Pixels / Module


Premier Series 4096 Pixels / Module