XIGNZ Beacon Series

Boasting the highest pixel count for our outdoor LED line, the XIGNZ Beacon series has over 1450 pixels per square foot! This incredibly detailed ultra-high resolution sign is designed for higher-level graphics and text signage. The Beacon has the highest resolution of our entire or line and can produce great quality images from even 20ft away. Whether you’re building a custom display slide with videos and graphics, or a text display that requires clarity and detail, the Beacon series is the best choice.

XIGNZ Spotlight Series

The XIGNZ Spotlight P10 series (LSCP 10) is versatile and powerful with its 929 Pixels per square foot. The blend of brightness and detail is great for custom graphics and vibrant signage. The Spotlight series has a brightness rating of 8000 nits per square meter, which allows for clarity and detail in every display from about 30 feet away. This dynamic system is perfect for colorful, vibrant, detailed graphics ads on a large scale without sacrificing brightness! 

XIGNZ Lighthouse Series

The XIGNZ Lighthouse P16 outdoor LED series (LSCP16 series) is designed to exude brightness and clarity in larger displays. Boasting over 360 pixels per square foot, the Lighthouse series is incredibly bright and will draw attention wherever you need it. This display is best suited for large displays where the viewer will most likely be 50 or more feet away. IP65 Rated Waterproof Aluminum keeps the electrical components safe from the elements. The quality and longevity of the Lighthouse series make it a great choice for any outdoor signage need!

Compare XIGNZ Outdoor Sign Models

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Beacon HD


Target Viewing Distance

Ultra-bright LED display remains visible in any lighting condition and remains legible from near and far.
The target viewing range is between 8-300 yards, but the screen will remain visible for even further distances.


Beacon HD Series >15-ft.


Beacon Series >20-ft.


Spotlight Series >30-ft.


Light House Series >50-ft.

LED Sign Brightness

Featuring some of the Brightest Bulbs in the Digital Signage Industry. The High Brightness Ensures that your
Sign Stands out from the Crowd and gets the Attention of Passers-by.

Beacon HD Series
Up to 8000 Nits

Beacon Series
Up to 8500 Nits

Spotlight Series
Up to 10000 Nits

Lighthouse Series
Up to 12000 Nits

LED Sign Resolution

RGB full-color LED displays are ideal for showing pictures, animation, and text that
are engaging, beautiful and easy to read.