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Authorized XIGNZ Dealers receive the best service and support available in the industry. Our personalized support philosophy provides our dealers with actual company contacts that consult live to remedy any problems that arise.

Benefits of becoming an Authorized XIGNZ Dealer:

XIGNZ LED: Designed to Deliver Bottom-Line Results for Sign Industry Professionals

The modular and flexible design of the XIGNZ platform creates unrivalled business efficiencies. Quickly configure many custom design solutions from just a few common components kept on hand. No need to wait for weeks on end while specialty products are manufactured and shipped.

Easily install custom sign solutions that operate perfectly without the need complex engineering work-arounds. Provide immediate service, repairs, and upgrades for all your customer installations using familiar and integrated XIGNZ components.

Innovative Financial Programs to Help You Win More Business

LED Sign City has partnered with Acentium Capital to offer Financing & Leasing options that provide Authorized XIGNZ Dealers with a competitive advantage in any selling situation.

Learn More about Financing &  Leasing Solutions:

Extra discounts are available for projects involving non-profit organizations and schools. With a simple
verification process, your non-profit and school customers receive incredible savings

Simple Pricing Models Remove the Complexity from the Bidding Process

Our easy-to understand pricing models help you quickly and easily calculate project costs, margins, and
profit figures. Plug in a few numbers and you’ll know exactly where you stand on every sign project.

See How Easy it is to Understand Our Pricing System

Become an Authorized XIGNZ Dealer

Learn more about partnership opportunities and how our assistance can make you more competitive and successful.