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Software Download

LED Display Controller applications:

Led display settings / Parameter (general receiver settings)

Remote Assistance

We also provide remote assistance to help you setup your digital sign, and to help you troubleshoot errors.  Remote Assistance is provided via TeamViewer 12. After scheduling your session with our customer team, please download and install TeamViewer 12 on the computer that you will be using to connect to your sign.

Download TeamViewer 12

View or Download Display Diagrams

Display DetailsDisplay Dimensions
Up to 80 inches43″X83″
Up to 100 inches48″x93″ | 52″X93″
Up to 130 inches63″x113″63″X123″
Up to 200 inches63″X163″ |73″X143″ |73″x153″| 73″x183″
Display DetailsDisplay Dimensions
Up to 80 inches40″X78″ | 40″X78″ DS | 48″x78″
Up to 100 inches40″x91″ | 48″X91″
Up to 130 inches48″x116″59″X116″ | 66″x129″
Up to 200 inches 77″x154″97″x191″
Display DetailsDisplay Dimensions
Up to 80 inches43″X73″ | 43″X83″ | 43″x83″ – 2s