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LED Sign City’s support team is here to help keep your sign shining. Find
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Remote Support

We provide remote assistance to help you program your digital sign and to help simplify troubleshooting errors via TeamViewer. After scheduling your session with our customer support team, please download and install TeamViewer on the computer that you will be using to connect to your sign.

LED Display
Parameter Settings

Download the display software and settings for your sign based on your model below so you can restore your screen easily, if required

View LED
Display Diagrams

Select, view and download LED sign diagrams, installation instructions, guides and manuals for your sign based on your model.

  • Display Details :    Display Details
  • Up to 85 inches  :    lscp*2563| lscp*3763| lscp*3775
  • Up to 113 inches :    lscp*3788 | lscp*5088 | lscp*50102
  • Up to 130 inches
    :    lscp*50113 |lscp*63113 | lscp*63126
  • Display Details :   Display Details
  • Up to 80 inches  :   Beacon/Spotlight/Lighthouse.PDF
  • Up to 100 inches :    48″x93″ | 52″X93″
  • Up to 130 inches
    :    63″x113″ | 63″X123″
  • Up to 200 inches
    :    63″X163″ |73″X143″ |73″x153″| 73″x183″

LED Display Options

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