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What are the differences between the various types of outdoor led signs offered?

The two major differences between the various resolutions are the Pixel Density and the Display Brightness. To calculate the pixel density, you multiply the total rows and columns of LEDs. Signs with lower resolution are intended to be viewed from further distances and are typically brighter.

How do I communicate with the signs?

Every LED Sign City Digital Billboard includes a network-based controller that allows you to connect your sign to a Windows-based computer via LAN or WIFI. Depending on your project, we may offer a 3G/4G based controller that will enable you to upload your message via a web browser such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.

How long will it take to receive my sign?

The manufacturing and assembly process takes approximately 21 business days. The transit time is another 7-10 business days. Our average, the turnaround time is currently 30 days from the confirmation date to the delivery date.

How much is shipping?

SHIPPING IS FREE throughout the United States, as well most area of Canada and Mexico. Ocean freight is free to all other regions worldwide.

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