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The P16 Series (P16MM): the P16 is our budget-friendly solution for the customer that is looking to escape the horrors of static, and pixelated signs. The P16 is the best choice for signs with a minimum area exceeding 24 square feet. The primary benefit of the P16MM is the cost; it allows you to build a big beautiful display that can display images videos and text, and remain within budget.

The P10 Series (P10 MM): This variant is the next level in digital advertising display. The P10MM offers Two times the density of the P16 MM and a resolution that is 40% higher than the entry-level P16 MM. This display is a popular choice for signs that are at least 18 square feet and is intended for targeting customers at closer distances. The P10 Series slots between the P16 MM and our P8 MM Flagship.

The P8 Series (P8 MM): The P8 is considered the best in the industry for outdoor advertising. The P8 series is our best recommendation, creating the perfect balance between resolution and brightness. The P8 has more than three times the pixels density and offers two times the resolution of the P16 Series. The P8 makes it easy to get your messages out to consumers; more pixels mean you can have more content on individual slides, increasing the number of impressions you can make on a customer, which will aid in a higher return on investment.

Every LED Sign City digital billboard includes a network-based controller that allows you to connect your sign to a Windows-based computer via LAN or WIFI. Depending on your project we may offer a 3G/4G based controller that will enable you to upload your message via a web browser such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.

The manufacturing and assembly process is approximately 21 business days. The transit time is another 7-10 business days. Our average turnaround is currently 30 days from the confirmation date to delivery.

SHIPPING IS FREE throughout the United States, as well most area of Canada and Mexico. Ocean freight is free to all other regions worldwide.

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