An outdoor sign is frequently the very first impression the public has about a business. It introduces a business to potential customers and greets returning customers. And with first impressions having such a strong influence on what comes next, setting the right tone, right up front is critical.

Full-color LED sign technology enables high-resolution digital advertising with dazzling graphics, eye-catching animation, and captivating videos that get noticed. It engages the audience. It drives foot traffic through the front door.

The Brightest Bulbs in the Pack

The brightest, full-color, shiny object is going to draw attention every time. Day or night, our digital LED sign stands out from the crowd, engaging traffic with brilliant advertisements that are brighter, clearer, and just plain better. Even at highway speeds. All types of businesses can leverage the benefits of our Outdoor LED signs to connect with customers that would otherwise pass right by.

Industries that benefit from our LED signs:

Every Second Counts

In mere moments, our Digital LED sign can showcase the most appealing features of a business, show off flagship products, communicate prices, or offer a sales discount. And the use of advanced visual effects like animation, movement, dynamic transitions, color changes, and flashing lights makes text and graphics interesting and exciting.

Best of all, LED Sign City's signs are completely flexible, providing the ability to change and adapt whenever the need arises. Content can be created and uploaded with ease. Seasonal campaigns, temporary promotions, sales
pricing and even daily specials are simple to switch in and out.

Connect and Engage

Our LED sign technology is in all types of locations to suit many purposes. For example, you can install brighter digital billboards along busy highways and interstates to advertise your business to a continual stream of thousands of drivers. 

It is now more common to see Digital LED signs mounted 8 – 15 feet above the ground on a pole, roof, or wall driving traffic into local businesses.  For these applications, higher-resolution LED displays can create more persuasive ads.

Learn more about the different resolutions available for outdoor LED signs.