LED Sign City Adds New Dimensions to Zoo Displays

LED Sign City Adds New Dimensions to Zoo Displays

Two big city zoos wowed holiday crowds in 2019 with illuminating displays, featuring custom-made, three-dimensional signs by LED Sign City.

The Cleveland and Philadelphia zoos presented holiday lights festivals, each using more than one million lights spread over 12 experience zones. LED Sign City was brought in on both projects through a contractor for the zoos to produce a Christmas tree-shaped LED sign for Cleveland and a globe-shaped LED sign for Philadelphia. Each unique design was made up of multiple screens, which could display individual pictures or act together to show one image or video.

Joe Hughes, of Hughes 3 Productions LLC, was looking for a versatile company to work with on the zoo projects that could bring his vision to lights. “I’ve produced a lot of light shows with stranded lights for theme parks over the past 20 years,” Joe said. “I wanted to bring the zoo projects to the next level, and LED Sign City seemed liked the best fit.” It was.

Joe contacted LED Sign City, sent some rough sketches of his ideas and plans, and had a couple conversations with a company representative. Joe said they understood both projects from the start. “They took my vision and ran with it,” beamed Joe. “From Day One, I felt that I had lucked out and found the right company.” He had.

Not only did LED Sign City understand Joe’s vision and have the skill to make it happen, their experience and know-how shone over the competition. “With other companies I had worked with in the past, the knowledge wasn’t there to troubleshoot, said Joe. “They didn’t know why things weren’t working, and they would have to get back to us after speaking with someone else. It wasn’t an instant fix.” That wasn’t the case with LED Sign City, who was always on hand to help throughout the project—even from thousands of miles away.

Joe was impressed with LED Sign City’s knowledge of their products and the value of their remote support when there were challenges. If an issue occurred in Philadelphia or Cleveland, LED Sign City could take care of it from Houston. They took control of the computers that ran the shows at the zoos and handled any programming needs.

Although Joe oversaw the design and execution of the projects, he was not able to control the budgets and deadlines. “LED Sign City worked with me on my budget and suggested what upgrades I could afford,” he stated. “Their delivery was always on time. Even when I asked them to do extra tasks, they met the deadline.”

Asked if he would work with LED Sign City again, Joe said he would in a heartbeat. “I look forward to working with LED Sign City in the future,” said Joe. “I have spoken with them about upcoming projects, and I have already recommended the company to others.”

So take Joe’s advice and give LED Sign City a call, whether to make you a standard sign to show off your business or a custom-shaped sign to wow the crowd, LED Sign City has your LED needs covered.

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