LSCP Series Display Guide


LSCP Family of full color led signs

After selecting the image take a few steps away from your computer screen to simulate the appropriate viewing distance.

P8 Series

LSCP8 series is one of the highest resolutions available for outdoor digital
signs. You can use the P8 to create beautiful content that remains clear and vibrant for your customers to view from most distance.


P10 Series

LSCP10 series is our best selling digital display resolution. The P10 offers great value by limiting the compromise between resolution and brightness. You can use the P10 to create truly captivating ads.


P16 series

LSCP16 series is our not so entry -level display. The P16 is perfect for large displays that are intended to be viewed from hundreds of feet away. It can also be used to make a small sign on a tight budget.