Spotlight Series 73″ Class (37.8″X 63″) Full Color Programmable LED Sign

SKU: LSCP103763

Spotlight Series 73″ Class (37.8″X 63″) Full Color Programmable LED Sign

SKU: LSCP103763
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The Spotlight series is versatile and powerful with its 929 Pixels per square foot. The blend of brightness and detail is great for custom graphics and vibrant signage.


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We set the bar high among our competitors when it comes to building top-quality displays that truly last. You are buying more than just a sign, you are also buying a team of little helpers.

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High Resolution Display:

Our signs have crystal clear digital quality.

  • Upscale in the Future : Standard size 12.6? X 12.6?. The universal housing of the front access modules allows you to upgrade your sign in the future.
  • Direct Connection : Each module is connected directly to the data and power source rather than daisy-chained. This makes for quick and easy problem detection.
  • UL Listed Printed Circuit Boards : Our LED modules are built with UL listed Printed Circuit Boards
  • Weatherproof : Our custom LED-cabinets provide the ultimate protection for all seasons. Every sign includes UL-listed and IP 65-rated power and data connectors.
  • Top Energy Performance and Efficiency : Air-cooled UL listed power supplies for maximum performance and efficiency

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Easy to use:

  • Our LED signs are easy to maintain.
  • Manage content and create new ads without any issues due to our well-designed UI.
  • Quickly add new messages.

Top Customer Care:

Our friendly customer service is easy as 1,2,3. It is live customer support. We are here to support (for a lifetime) you – your business as well – and we are available Monday through Friday from 9 am to 6 pm. We will guide you to fix any issues and answer your questions.

  • Lifetime Support : We are happy to provide you with a lifetime of support, including a lifetime parts exchange (prorated surcharge may apply)
  • 30-Day Free Design Lab (hire your graphic designer)
  • 60-Day Zero-Interest Finance Plans
  • FREE Shipping
  • Live Customer Support : Our Customer Services are available Monday through Friday from 9 am to 6 pm. Whatever your issue is, we?re happy to help!

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The signs are made to be durable (more bang for your buck) and to be able to survive through every season and adapted for every environment (rain, snow, sunshine).

The signs are each made by using long life components, high-quality metal and plastics, and are carefully put together with ?love?. Every step of the engineering and manufacturing process is carefully curated with custom built parts that are designed to last.

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Warranty :

Each of our purchased products come with a warranty and lifetime support.

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Weight 124 lbs
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Average Power

Our customers tell us that purchasing one of our signs has made a world of difference to their business! A purchase from us is an investment in your business.

What is a pixel?

A pixel can be a single LED bulb or a cluster of LED bulbs. In the case of a full-color sign, a pixel consists of a red, green, and blue LED bulb. This combination of LED bulbs gives you the ability to display more than 16 million colors on your LED Sign.

What is Pixel Density?

The pixel density is the product of the total rows and columns of pixels. For example, the Spotlight Series (P10mm) has a pixel density of 929 pixels per square foot. Since each module is 1.1025 square feet with 32 pixels in each row and column, the pixel density of this LED module is 1024 pixels (32X32).

How is screen brightness determined?

Depending on the model you select your display brightness ranges from 7500 nits to as much as 12000 nits (the higher the number equals greater visibility).

What are the differences between the different resolutions?

The two major differences between the various resolutions are the pixel density and the display brightness. To calculate the pixel density: multiply the total rows and columns of LEDs. A good rule of thumb is lower resolution signs are intended to be viewed from further distances and are typically brighter.

How do you create content and upload it to the sign?

Your purchase includes the software needed to create slideshows and connect with the sign. The software lets you import your images and videos, add text, change colors and font sizes, and lastly upload content from your PC to the LED sign wirelessly.

What are the connection options?

The LED sign supports most modern communication formats such as a Direct LAN connection and Wireless LAN, aka WIFI. The LED sign can also be configured with a 4G card if the application requires it. The 4G card lets your program you sign almost any device with an active internet connection.

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