Screen Turning Off

To troubleshoot the error and find the faulty component, please follow the steps below.

To verify that sign has lost power, you check the activity lights on the back of each side of the LED sign. Each section has two activity lights.

  •  The red light indicates that the sign is receiving power
  • Steady red and green light indicate that the sign is not receiving data from the control card.
    • a. You can verify that your video receiving cards are working by pushing the test button located between the red and green lights in this state.
    • b. Push the test button twice to initiate the test cycle – if the screen does not respond, check/replace your video receiving card.
    • c. Steady red light and flashing green light indicate that your sign is not receiving a signal from your control card.
  • If the green light is steady, check the connection between the “Signal Out” port on the controller to the “Signal 1” port on the first sign (sign connected directly to the controller). Try undoing each part of the connection to identify the failure point.
  • If the connectors appear to be in good working order, connect the signal out port to the open “Signal 2” port on:
    • a.  The opposite end of the sign, if the sign is single-sided,
    •  Or, slave side if the sign is double-sided.
    •  If the screen restarts, the input port on the video card is at fault. The screen can continue to operate in this new configuration.


Steps to trouble shoot the controller

  • To verify that your control box has power:
    • Try connecting to the sign from your PC and resending the sign program.
    •  If the software connects and resends the program and there is still no video, connect an ethernet cable directly from the controller to the video card in the first cabinet.
      • If this solves the issue, the “Signal out,” “Signal-out to Signal 1,” or “Signal 1 port” need to be replaced.
  • Suppose the software does not connect to the sign:
    •  Open the control box and verify that your power supply has a green activity.
    •  If the Power supply is On, disconnect the power cable from the control box, wait 30 seconds, then reconnect the power cable.
  • If the sign restarts, replace the “Control card and Signal out” cable. (Based on the service distance its best to change both)
    • If the power supply off, disconnect the power to the control box and replace the power supply.