The LSCP1088100 is approximately 7-ft. x 8-ft. with resolution 224 x 256 pixels.

Unbelievably Brilliant Pictures

Promote your business with pictures that are unbelievably brilliant with LED Sign City Spotlight Series LED signs which are created using the millions of colors. The Spotlight Series digital message boards take your ads to the next-level by using immersive targeted advertising to engage your audiences. With the Spotlight Series changing message signs, you can be sure to convert people who see your signs into active customers - even in the harshest weather conditions. Spotlight Series outdoor LED signs are ready to install in any environment and help to increase awareness for your business 24/7.

2.5X Higher Pixel Density

The Spotlight Series has 156% more pixels than the Lighthouse Series Outdoor LED Sign. Compared to lower resolution 19mm signs, LED Sign City Spotlight Series LED Signs have nearly 4x more pixels per module.

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Wider Viewing Angles

The wide viewing angles of the Spotlight Series Outdoor LED signs increase the odds for target audiences to see, read and respond to your advertisements.

More Features

    • High Pixel Density

    The Spotlight Series has a pixel density of 1024 pixels per LED module. Images appear sharp and clear when viewing from a distance of at least 30ft away from the LED sign.

    • Full Color LED Screen

    The Spotlight Series uses RGB pixels to emit millions of colors that enhance your messages and bring your ads to life. The high pixel density creates colors that are not possible with lower resolution signs.

    • Auto Adjust Brightness of your LED Sign for all lighting conditions

    Rich color detail and high brightness output of the Spotlight Series ensure that your ads remain visible in all lighting conditions – day and night.

    • Fully Programmable LED Message Board

    Take advantage of unlimited customer impressions and maximize your advertising potential. Create multiple messages with combinations of images, videos, and text.

    • Save Time by Scheduling Ads and Programs

    The Spotlight Series comes equipped with digital display programming software that lets you upload content and advertisements for future playback. With the LED sign software, you can make daily, weekly, or even monthly schedules. With a Spotlight Series LED sign, you can capitalize on every opportunity to target audiences and engage with customers.

    • Wireless Programming

    Upload your ads from anywhere in the world using WIFI or mobile internet technology.

    • Expandable Internal Storage

    The Spotlight Series comes equipped with built-in storage capacity capable of storing hundreds of digital messages. You can also upgrade the storage capacity as your storage needs grow.

    • Upgradable LED Display

    Spotlight Series LED signs are future proof. You can increase your pixel density and other options as well as including additional features as your advertising goals grow and change.


Technical specifications

  • Pixel Pitch:  10mm / P10 mm
  • LED Configuration:  1R1G1B
  • LED Standard:  SMD 3-in-1
  • Module Dimensions:  12.6″ x 12.6″
  • Module Resolution :  32 Pixels x 32 Pixels
  • Pixel Density : 1024 Pixels per module
  • Brightness : 8500 Nits
  • Input : 100-120VAC 50/60H

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