X Series LED Signs

The digital LED sign that is built for today, but ready for tomorrow.

The X Series is a modular LED Sign unlike any other currently available on the market. The modular construction makes it possible to deploy digital signage solutions quicker and easier than ever before. The X Series is an all new platform that is interchangeable among various LED display resolutions which allow users to upgrade important features such as resolution and brightness in the future.

LED Sign City's X Series can solve majority LED sign inventory related issues for our partners and other sign companies alike. The X Series' modular form factor and range of interchangeable parts make it easy to deploy small and large digital display projects in a matter of days. Simply stock X Series cabinets and the resolutions you want to promote then assemble after you receive the order.

X Series cabinets are strategically 12.6 inches X 12.6 inches which are designed to fit the modules of Lighthouse Series, Spotlight Series, Beacon Series, and the all new Beacon HD Series, and more. X Series is the ultimate digital display solution that is truly future proof. << Learn More >>

What’s included with the X Series Led Signs?

Assembly Instructions

Your LED Sign may arrive in preconfigured sections that you are required to connect to assemble the required dimensions.

Video Guide

Written Guide

Step 1

Align the LED Sign Sections

After unpacking your X Series LED Sign, arrange your sign cabinets in sequence so that a clear hole aligns with threaded hole.

Step 2

Insert The Bolts

Insert the bolt through the clear hole and screw it into the threaded hole to hold the signs in position. Each cabinet has two holes on the side.

Step 3

Fasten the Bolts

Use the provided socket to fasten the upper and lower bolts on the side each cabinet.

Step 4

Attach the X Clip

Place the X Clip in the center of every four cabinets and screw in the bolts to hold the clip in position.

Step 5

Install the Mounting Brackets

Position the brackets on the back of the sign and use the provided bolts to secure the brackets to the sign (Connect brackets as needed for install).  

Step 6

Lock Sign Sections together

Your LED Sign may arrive in preconfigured sections that you are required to connect together to assemble the required dimensions. Below we will walk you through the steps required to assemble your display and prepare for installation.


Illustration of Complete Assembly

Your assembled sign should resemble the illustration above.

Wiring Instructions

After assembling your X Series LED Sign, connect the Power and Signal cables in the sequence below.

Written Guide

Step 1

Controller Connections

The controller is used for storing and playing the media. The control box includes the connectors for the Signal, Antenna and Temperature/Brightness Sensor. 

Step 2

Connect the Signal Cable

Connect the Signal Out port on the controller to the Signal 1 port on one of the sections. Then connect in sequence Signal 2 to Signal 1 on the next section. For double sided signs connect the Signal wires as if all signs aligned next to each other.

Step 3

Connect the Power Cable

Connect the cable coming from your power source to Power 1 then link each section using the Power 2 port to link to Power 1 port of the next section. When connecting the power cables be mindful of the power requirements for each section and the load restrictions of the connected circuits. Do not overload your circuit.

Step 4

Connect Accessories

To complete the the set up, connect the Wireless Antenna to the Antenna port, and the Brightness and Temperature Sensor to the Bright/Temp connectors located on the control box.


Complete Setup Illustration

Now that your setup is complete. Connect the USB Drive to your computer (PC) then install the LED Sign software and the remote control application. After the installation is complete, visit our support page to schedule your software training session.