Simple, Modular, Eye-Catching

XIGNZ-X Series The Ultimate Scaleable LED Sign Solution

From the virtually limitless configuration and size capabilities, to ease of upgrading, XIGNZ represents true innovation where previously those wanting high quality LED signage were confined to clunky, difficult-to-manage, even more difficult to scale signs. Not the case anymore. A simple, attractive sign solution integrating the most efficient technology available with unmatched versatility.

Unlimited Potential

Streamlined Modular Design

XSIGNZ X Series display consists of a single modular LED sign. What this means for you is that this universal size module allows for unlimited expansion. Get creative. The possibilities are endless in terms of configuration.


Thinking outside of the box here is strongly encouraged—as this is precisely why we developed this particular series utilizing modular design. Cabinets connect via included lock ports. So yes, you can go with a square or a rectangle, or why not make it truly interesting, and opt for a series of interconnected shapes. Envision your sign any way you wish, and we will help you bring it to life.

4 Different Levels

Unparalleled Resolution

The quality and attractiveness of the sign, in some ways, really does come down to its resolution and brightness. The key thing to note about the X series is that it offers 4 different levels of resolution (both for indoor and outdoor use). Budget may be a concern. So you can start with the basic package and as things progress, if you so choose, you always have the option to upgrade. All future upgrades will utilize the same dimensions, this in turn helps extend the display’s overall life cycle.

Room For Expansion

Bigger Sometimes Is Better

Again, because of its modular design, XIGNZ X series allows for expansion whenever you are ready. It is incredibly easy to add on to your initial LED display. The cabinets were developed specifically to accommodate future expansion so that you have even more of an opportunity to get that message across!

Lightweight Cabinets

Make Sign Building Easy

Easy to move around, even easier to connect…Cabinet sizes are designed to fit a single module. This then enables users to interconnect more than one cabinet (both vertically and horizontally) and in this way, essentially create any configuration they can dream up. The cabinets fasten together seamlessly with the included lock ports—simply tighten the bolts and you’re good to go. Power/data wires can be routed either internally or externally, therefore giving you the option of having the cabinets share a single power and data source, or you can also opt for multiple controllers.

Upgrade Whenever

You Feel the Need

The truly unique thing about XIGNZ X series LED signs is that upgrades can be done whenever you’re ready. It really is all about scalability here, from the resolution level, to the overall size and shape. Needs change—we get that, which is why in designing XIGNZ X series we took into account the fact that you might want to adjust you display down the road. Because future upgrades rely upon the same dimensions, your LED display has the potential to last you a very long time.

Easy To Install

No More Clunky Cabinets

We can’t stress enough that cabinet design really is everything. Gone are those heavyweight, cumbersome cabinets. Lightweight and streamlined, it really does come down to an innovative modular design that allows for tremendous flexibility. Also available are custom brackets for added reinforcement.

Programming So Easy

Beginners Can Handle It

The software is completely user friendly. No more difficult than say, creating a Power Point Presentation. If you do require help programming your new LED display, we now offer remote training classes. Our experts guide you through the process step by step!

Virtually With The XIGNZ X-Series

Everything is Customizable

Configurations, shapes, cabinets, even any artwork that you might have in mind for your display…We want your LED signage to reflect you: your message, your vision, your personality. This is why we go that extra mile and offer a number of customizing options, to ensure that your display really is about bringing your ideas to life.