Streamlined Modular Design

The lightweight aluminum alloy X-Cabinet frame isn’t just a durable box that houses all the display system components. It’s also the intelligent center of a unique proprietary design that enables unlimited system scalability. Multiple cabinet sections connect together via included locking ports, making all types of shapes possible, including squares, rectangles, tall, wide, even double-sided displays.

The same unibody X-cabinets are central to each and every indoor and outdoor system we offer. Every resolution. With or without cooling fans because every section is vented for optimal heat control.

Troubleshooting, replacing sections, swapping out parts, and upgrading are simple because these modular and familiar cabinets are quick and easy to install and maintain. Power and data wires can be routed internally or externally, which allows power and data sources to be shared across multiple cabinets or separated for more localized control.

Compatible and Interchangeable LED Modules

A wide range of LED screen options deliver high-quality visuals with reliable. The addition of any number of LED modules work together to present information with the right amount of light, color, and interactivity to dazzle the senses. Completely configurable LED module options cover every possible system design for every possible environment, viewing distance, sign size, and preferred resolution needed.

LED modules are easily added to X-cabinets and inter-connected using 16-Pin connectors or RJ-45 cables. (HDMI connectors for higher-resolution LED modules.) LED modules are coated for corrosion and protected from moisture-related rust and shorts. All LED Modules include the finest quality LED bulbs that provide consistent color accuracy for years without fading.

Universal Video Card

Another critical component of XIGNZ digital display solutions is the universal video card. This card is the key to sign functionality and drives the 16-bit, 256 base-color platform that’s capable of generating millions of colors. One universal video card can control the operation of up to 12 LED modules, making all the necessary interactions between multiple modules work together seamlessly.

Program Control & Software

Digital presentations for XIGNZ LED displays are handled by the network-based Control Card and program software. The Control Card is where all the programming schedules, formats, and default programs are stored. Media files used in display presentations can be accessed in real-time through the control card’s network connection. XIGNZ Control Cards are compatible will all types of media file formats including: .jpeg, .png, .tiff, .avi, .mp4, .gif, and others.

Creating advertisements and uploading them to XIGNZ LED displays requires just a few easy steps. With the XIGNZ program software application, users can import photos, add text, set transition effects, and adjust playing time for each frame of an integrated presentation. Once completed, it only takes a few easy clicks to upload.


Using the included presentation software is about as easy as creating a Power Point presentation. If additional help is required, we provide remote training and expert guidance to walk users through the programming process step by step!

Control cards are designed to handle additional system expansion. They can communicate with brightness and temperature sensors to trigger programmed logic. They can integrate directly with popular graphics and presentation software like PhotoShop, PowerPoint, and Canva.

They can even be upgraded with additional software packages to allow advanced display presentations.


Upgrade with Ease Whenever You Feel the Need

The truly unique thing about XIGNZ X series LED signs is that they can be easily upgraded at any time. If a larger sign is needed, add more sections. Want a higher-resolution display? Swap out LED modules. Create a taller, wider, or double-sided sign by simply moving modules around. Gone are the days of starting from scratch every time a new sign is needed because the XIGNZ LED sign platform is fully scalable and upgradeable. Sign investments are protected for years to come.

High-Performance in Even the
Harshest Environment

XIGNZ LED Displays are engineered to operate flawlessly in any environment. All system
components are UL Listed and rated to exceed safety requirements. Continuous safety and
environmental testing ensures that every XIGNZ LED sign will function properly, around the
clock, providing a reliable solution that’s a pleasure to own.