XIGNZ Modular

LED Sign Technology

The future of modular sign technology has arrived with a completely configurable and scalable platform for any size, any resolution application.

At the core of the XIGNZ LED technology platform lies the unique X-cabinet, interchangeable LED panels, and standardized power supply.

LED Signs & Displays Transform Interior Spaces

The versatility and affordability of LED signage has expanded the delivery of digital information to just about any surface or open space imaginable.  Full-color, full-motion, text, images, and video present important information and fabulous entertainment experiences continuously throughout our daily lives. Live entertainment, sporting events, and corporate presentations are enhanced with vivid big-screen graphics, live video, scores, and replays.

Digital advertising displays capture attention with exciting content that drives buying behavior for sale items and high-margin brands. Video walls transform available wall space into engaging and informative visual points of interest or an access point for obtaining important information.

These applications are just a few examples of how LED Sign City’s high-quality and  easily-managed indoor LED displays are revolutionizing everyday visual experiences. 

High-Definition LED Displays for Beautiful Color Presentations, Impressive Contrast, and Optimal Visibility- at Any Viewing Distance

From 4,096 to 16,384 pixels per module, full-color LED displays are ideal for showing pictures, video, animation, and text that engages and beautifies while also being easy to read.

XIGNZ Premier P5 Series
XIGNZ Elite P2.5 Series
XIGNZ Ultra P1.75 Series

The fan-less display design is perfect for quiet indoor applications.

5 Year Warranty & Lifetime Support

Every XIGNZ outdoor LED sign comes standard with a 5-year Warranty and Lifetime Technical Support. We are here to help you for as long as you might need us.

Bottom-Line Benefits for the Professional Sign Industry

The modular and flexible design of the XIGNZ platform creates unrivalled business efficiencies. Quickly configure many custom design solutions from just a few common components kept on hand. No need to wait for weeks on end while specialty products are manufactured and shipped.

Easily install custom sign solutions that operate perfectly without the need complex engineering work-arounds. Provide immediate service, repairs, and upgrades for all your customer installations using familiar and integrated XIGNZ components.