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LED sign City’s indoor electronic message board are among the best that the industry has to offer. We offer menu boards and LED video walls manufactured using the highest quality LED bulbs. You can configure our range of digital menu boards with the highest pixel density possible so that you can display the most beautiful and eye-catching digital content.

LSCP5 Series

Electronic LED Message center


40000 Pixels / SQ. Meter

Full Color LED Display


Electronic LED Message center


111111 Pixels / SQ. Meter

Full Color LED Display

LSCP2.5 Series

Electronic LED Message center


160000 Pixels/Sq. Meter

Full Color LED Display

Get creative and unleash the genius in your advertisements.

Engage, up-sell and inform your customers while they wait. Our indoor led signs include video walls, menu boards, kiosks, and portable displays.

Showcase the best features of your business using engaging videos and slideshows filled with high-resolution graphics. There are no limits to what you can create with LED Sign City’s fully programmable indoor led signs and digital menu boards.


We can customize your indoor led sign to fit any indoor space. Our Customers have installed our led signs in schools, churches, auditoriums, lobbies, stadiums, restaurants, factories, and many other environments that require a digital display that can be viewed comfortably from closer distances.

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LED Sign City includes the following features with every indoor LED sign.
  • Microsoft® Windows® 10 Support
    Our digital led displays and electronic menu boards are compatible with Windows XP – 10 . This ensures that you can work freely and create beautiful content for your digital display from almost every Windows operating system currently available.
  • Digital displays with Smooth Video Playback
    This is aided by the high pixel density of our indoor LED signs. Every indoor LED sign offers smooth video playback, regardless of the format of the videos you are playing.
  • Connectivity options that include LAN, Wi-Fi and HDMI.
    You can conveniently upload video or any other type of content from your computer on our LED signs, VIA LAN, WIFI or HDMI based on the connectivity option that is most convenient for you.
  • Convenient access for Maintenance and very affordable servicing costs.
    You definitely will not have to break the bank to keep your LED sign running flawlessly. Which means you can expect to receive exceptionally great returns on your investment.
  • Reliable display with dependable Lifetime Support.
    Every LED sign includes two years free parts exchange, and amazing Customer Service for the life of your sign. Our capable staff are always eager to help.


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Custom made LED signs at affordable prices.

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